Two firearms recovered from Bennett residence


400-GUNSA search warrant was obtained and was executed at the decedent’s residence in the shooting death of Abbott Scott Bennett; the results of which were reported to Historic City News this morning by St Johns County Sheriff’s Media Relations Officer, Kevin Kelshaw.

Recovered during the execution of the search warrant, in the area of the bedroom where the shooting occurred, investigators located two loaded handguns — one .38 Special revolver and a 9mm pistol that was located in a drawer under the bed.

“We have received the results of the autopsy performed by Chief Medical Examiner, Predrag Bulic, M.D., M.E.,” Kelshaw told local reporters. “The 23rd District Medical Examiner’s Office has determined that the cause of death is multiple gunshot wounds and the manner of death is homicide.” The officer involved shooting occurred just after 10:30 p.m. Tuesday evening. The investigation that has ensued is continuing and is expected to last for several more weeks, according to Kelshaw.

Once contact was made with Bennett at the residence, a struggle ensued, according to SJSO Commander, Charles Mulligan. At one point during the fray, deputies believed Bennett was reaching for a weapon. The preliminary investigation has determined that at least two deputies fired shots in the incident.

Two deputies are on paid administrative leave; which is standard protocol for an officer involved shooting. Corporal Kevin M. Kier is a senior law enforcement deputy with 13-years-experience and earns $48,262.00 annually, plus benefits. Deputy Charles K. Simpkiss, is a law enforcement deputy with 7-years-experience and earns $39,941.00 annually, plus benefits. Neither officer has previously been involved in a shooting incident, according to Mulligan.

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