Vilano Beach Publix leading in United Way donations


300-UNITED-WAY-PUBLIX-CHECKUnited Way of St Johns County spokesperson, Nancy Nichols, reported to Historic City News today that in addition to a very significant corporate donation of $208,700, associates from the county’s 12 stores owned by Publix Super Markets, Inc., have also contributed $276,659; for a combined donation exceeding $485,000.

Publix Super Market Charities matches employee donations by giving 70 cents for every dollar that an employee donates. Annually, Publix Super Markets and their associates account for one of the largest groups of supporters of United Way of St. Johns County.

“We truly value Publix and their associates,” said David Toner, president of the United Way of St. Johns County Board of Directors. “It is contributions like this that allow United Way to advance our mission and focus on the building blocks for a good quality of life – education, health, and financial security, for all residents in St. Johns County.”

The Lakeland based grocer has created a strong impact on communities across the state and region for many local United Way organizations.

Historic City News learned that the new Publix Vilano Beach Town Center, under the leadership of Store Manager Kathy Lobinsky, has raised the most money, with the highest percentage of their overall incomes, according to Dan Chitwood, United Way Campaign Chair.

“We are equally proud and excited by the enthusiasm of all of our associates in St. Johns County,” said Dwaine Stevens, Media & Communications Manager for the Jacksonville division of Publix, who was present for the presentation. “All of our stores strive to connect and engage in their local communities with passion and sincerity.”

Throughout Florida and the South Central United States, Publix has contributed a total of $51,699,940 to the United Way effort this year.