Will Cultural Council be accountable for Beach Lease?


300-SJCC-CULT-COUNCILOn the agenda for tonight’s meeting of the St Augustine Beach City Commission, commissioners will take up the lingering issues surrounding the lease between the City and the St Johns Cultural Council.

Based on representations between the parties, The Dance Company made a sublease agreement for space in the former City Hall building at the County Pier. Now they are concerned if the non-profit organization will have to find a new home if the Cultural Council, who moved to a new building on Mission Avenue in St Augustine, is determined to be in default of their lease.

Other items on tonight’s agenda:

1. Tree Board/Beautification Advisory Committee:

a. Plaque to Mr. Eric Chaconas for Five Years of Service on the Board/Committee
b. Interview of Ms. Pat Shelby for Position of Senior Alternate on the Board/Committee

2. Wedding Permits:

a. Abell Wedding at #1 12′” Street. April12. 2014. from 3:45p.m. to 5:00p.m.
b. English Wedding on Beach Near Pier on November 8, 2014, 3:00p.m.

3. Peer City Review and Assessment of Non-Law Enforcement Departments of the City: Review of Proposal by Dr. Robert Lee, Local Government Advisors, Inc., and Executive Director of the Center for Florida Local Government Excellence at the Florida Institute of Government


1. Proclamation: to Declare March II, 2014 as International Women’s Day in the City

2. Resolution 14-01, to Enter into a Grant Memorandum Agreement with State of Florida, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Forestry.

3. Beautification Project, Comer of Pope Road and SR-A1A: Approval of License Agreement with 7-11 for Irrigation.

4. Budget Resolution 14-05. to Amend the FY 14 General Fund Budget to Appropriate $2,200 for Fence for Emergency Generator.

5. Former Building Department Office;

a) Request to Approve Engaging Architect, Mr. Michael Stauffer, to Develop Plans for Renovations
b) Budget Resolution 14-04, to Amend the FY 14 General Fund Budget to Appropriate $4,000 for Mr. Stauffer’s Services

6. Coquina Beach Surf Club Restaurant, 421 A1A Beach Boulevard: Request by Owner, Mr. Chris Way, for Commission to Reconsider Denial of Permit for Outside Live/Recorded Music

7. Grants: Continuation of Review of Policy

8. Evaluation of Police Chief and City Manager: Request by Commissioner Snodgrass to Discuss Methodology

9. Lake Sienna Subdivision: Request to Approve Modification to Original Plat

10. Former City Hall: Consideration as to whether the Cultural Council is in Default of Lease

11. Personnel Manual: Request to Have Labor Attorney Wayne Helsby Provide Review of Updated Draft.

If you plan to attend, the meeting is tonight, March 3, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the commission meeting room of City Hall, 2200 A1A South, St Augustine Beach.