Artworthy: Debbie Boon

Debbie Boon
Occupation? “Artist/musician.”

Artist or advocate? “Both .”

Artistic Tool of Choice? “Oil paints/guitar. “

First artistic memory? ” Watching my grandmother work on a pastel portrait when I was very young.”

Defining moment as an Artist? “When the public reaction to my two-artist exhibit (with artist Charles Dickinson) where we both painted paintings inspired by my original songs, was so positive and supportive.”

Favorite art related object at the moment? “The first painting given to me by my husband, Charles.”

Inspiration or perspiration? “Definitely both.”

Why St. Johns County? “I visited family here in the early ’80’s and loved the area so when I had the opportunity to move in 1991, I couldn’t wait to come to St. Augustine.”

Debbie is one of those people you just love to be around. She’s has a beautiful voice, plays guitar, and is also a talented visual artist. That would make her a triple threat except that’s she’s the least threatening person I know. Debbie’s artwork can be viewed in the current show at the Art Advocate Gallery through October 24th.

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