Artworthy: Diane von Ahlefeld

Name? ” Diane von Ahlefeld .”

Occupation? “Artist.”

Artist or advocate? ” Both.”

Artistic Tool of Choice? “Colored Pencils and Oils on canvas .”

First artistic memory? “I remember, as a first grader, drawing the human figure in school while the others were drawing stick figures. I lived in Japan at the age of 7, till I was just short of 12. On the way home from school, I observed Japanese girls at their favorite pastime, drawing colorfully detailed scenes and figures in chalk on the sidewalk. I was impressed with the artistic nature of the people, for their daily lives were filled with every opportunity to be creative. Grand openings were heralded with colorful banners, flags, and flowers that graced the doorways. Flower arranging was practiced by all. It must be said, even their food was presented in an artistic fashion.”

Defining moment as an Artist? “My instructor at Yuba College, Mr. Hotchkiss, wrote a note saying I was an artist.”

Favorite art related object at the moment? “My computer: the window to the world, art world and other artists.”

Inspiration or perspiration? “Art, of course, is all perspiration; otherwise there is little value to the offering. Inspiration is the simple desire to share the beautiful or notable.”

Why St. Johns County? “I had a dream of a city with a drawbridge and my footprints leading into the water. It was not until I lived here a while that I realized the dream was about St. Augustine. It was destiny.

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