Athena Restaurant


Athena Restaurant
Breakfast, lunch or dinner; one favorite spot for locals and downtown visitors is George Chryssaidis’ Athena Restaurant located on the Plaza at 14 Cathedral Place. Athena is known for good service, a cozy atmosphere and some of the best authentic Greek cuisine in St. Augustine.

Today we decided to invest a dollar and a half for the privilege of parking on the street for an hour and we spent the time enjoying lunch and good conversation without a lot of noisy distractions in a comfortable and unhurried setting.

The Athena Dinner Menu is very complete with appetizers, soups, salads, side orders, gyros, a children’s menu, deserts, beverages, Greek specialties, parmesan dishes, steaks and chops, kebobs, pasta and sauteed dishes and seafood from the broiler.

Athena Restaurant

We both had one of our “usuals”, Pastitsio and Mousaka. Each dinner was $11.95. My impression is that meals are a dollar or two more than average in some restaurants in town but I have yet to have a bad meal at Athena. The meals are consistent, as is the service, and that, to me, is as important as anything …. especially in a town like St. Augustine where we have so many dining choices.

Athena Restaurant and sister restaurant, Georgie’s Diner at 100 Malaga Street, is a great pick for a morning cup of coffee (complete with the opportunity to rub elbows with some of “the usual suspects”) a fast lunch or a dinner meal when you’re hungry for something different with home-cooked flavor at a fair price.

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