Candidates and the Arts: Bill Lennon

I am music lover and have been all my life; mostly 50’s & 60’s and classic country. As a young man I was very involved in rock and roll, as I got older I started to like classical music, as I traveled around the world I fell in love with the Spanish music and their arts.

That said one year coming from Spain and still a commissioner, at a city meeting I made a motion to allow out door dinning with music through out St. Augustine but Len Weeks and Mark Alexander shot it down twice, they didn’t want a the competition and continued to fight it every time I tried to bring it up.

Just think of all the people who would come to St.Augustine at night just to sit out side and eat and listen to the music. I forgot to mention this was for night time only.

I really like all the arts but I have no talent for any of them,all my talents are in hockey and boxing.

I hope this gives you a little of my background as far as the arts go. Thank you all for the work you do for the arts.

Bill Lennon

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