Candidates and the Arts: Ken Bryan


Will you support public funding for the arts after you are elected?


I will support the arts as much as possible through the TDC and encouragement to continue to explore every initiative possible to help fund existing as well as new programs.

I will continue to strongly encourage the application and winning of grants similar to the recent successes.

I would also continue to improve the relationship of the community to understand the value of funding through the TDC.

The employment of a full time Director would help the Cultural Council become a huge success and thread in the fabric of our county.


Will you support the use of county bed tax revenues to promote local arts and culture activities to help grow the tourism and economy after you are elected?


I totally agree with the issues discussed.

As an artist, I understand the value of the arts and culture in St. Johns County.

Tourism is the largest industry in the county and we must continue to harness the benefits of having and encouraging what people come here for. The oldest city in the nation which provides an atmosphere they can vacation and relax in without the “Disney” glitter.

We have a jewel here in St. Johns County.

The bed tax is something tourist expect to pay and don’t mind paying IF we provide the atmosphere and environment they came here to enjoy. If we let this get away, we become another Daytona Beach or place to just get sand in your shoes.


Will you support funding and legislation that will enhance the county’s definition of recreation to include arts and culture as part of activities offered to our citizens?


I will continue to take trips to Tallahassee to talk to legislatures and emphasize the importance of keeping a vibrant arts and culture program as part of activities offered to our citizens.

Not everyone can excel in athletics and as a teacher of the arts, I remember observing significant strides in the confidence and self esteem of students who could not do well in traditional sports programs, but did well in the arts and dance.

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