Celebrate safely and designate a driver


“Traditionally, Christmas and New Year’s holidays are the most deadly on Florida’s roadways”, says St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Colonel Art F. May in an announcement to Historic City News this morning.

In order to combat this deadly problem, the St. Johns Traffic Safety Team and local law enforcement agencies will be on the front lines intensifying their efforts to reduce the threat of injury and death from intoxicated drivers.

This year’s campaign will target impaired drivers who threaten the public’s safety when they choose to drink and drive.

The combination of visible law enforcement, designated driver program and public education campaign will provide community members with the life saving information they need to make informed choices and seek alternatives to driving while impaired.

The St. Johns Traffic Safety Team is a volunteer group sponsored by the Florida Department of Transportation.

Members and hosts of this program include: St. Johns Co. Sheriff’s Office, St. Augustine Police Department, St. Augustine Beach Police Department, Florida Highway Patrol, National Park Service, St. Johns School District, St. Johns Health Department and many other local partners interested in reducing traffic fatalities in St. Johns County.