City congratulates new commissioners

The City of St. Augustine is congratulating newly elected members of the city commission in an announcement received by Historic city News this week.

Winners in Tuesday’s election are Errol D. Jones and Nancy Sikes-Kline. These new commissioners will join Leanna Freeman who won election to the Commission and Joe Boles who won election as Mayor both during the primary last August. Commissioner Don Crichlow was not facing reelection this year.

Four of the five commissioners serve four-year terms and the Mayor serves a two year term. In 2006 St. Augustine voters changed the method of electing Mayor by designating the single two-year term as the mayor’s seat. When Boles was first elected Mayor in 2006 it was for a four-year seat, thus when he ran this year it had to be for the newly created two-year Mayor’s seat. That left two years of his original term unfilled which will be completed by Nancy Sikes-Kline. Errol D. Jones and Leanna Freeman were elected to four-year terms.

The new commissioners will be sworn into office as prescribed by city charter on the first Monday in December at 7:30pm. At that time outgoing commissioners will be recognized for their years of service and the new commissioners will take the oath of office. Departing the commission are Susan Burk who has served on the Commission since 1996, including terms as Vice Mayor, and George Gardner who served as Mayor from 2002 to 2006 and as Commissioner from 2006 to 2008.

The new commission and terms of office are:
Mayor Joe Boles, 2008-2010
Donald Crichlow, 2006-2010
Nancy Sikes-Kline, 2008-2010
Leanna Freeman, 2008-1012
Errol D. Jones, 2008-1012

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