City publishes Nights of Lights ordinance

City Hall
City of St. Augustine Public Affairs contact Cathy DuPont, has asked Historic City News to remind everyone that in order to maintain the consistent quality and professional standards of the Nights of Lights, the City has enacted ordinances relating to the displays.

Code of the City of St. Augustine
Chap. 3, Art. II, Sec. 3-23 (e) (6)

a. Only clear colorless or white lights may be permitted for the exterior display of seasonal or holiday lights within the historic districts, except single-family residences within the HP-1 district.

b. The exterior display of seasonal or holiday lights within historic zones is allowed only during the holiday season from the third Saturday of November of each year through January 31 of the ensuing year. The lights shall not be illuminated between February 1 and the third Friday of November of each year.

c. Commencing 1996 and each year thereafter, the lights must be removed from the exterior of the premises below ten (10) feet from either the grade of the right-of-way, sidewalk or the ground immediately adjacent to the building, whichever is applicable, no later than thirty (30) days from the close of the designated holiday season.

Photo credit: Historic City News photographer Kerry McGuire

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