Construction accident

Two co-workers of Wolfe Technologies on a construction site at the end of Osceola Elementary Road got into trouble yesterday evening when one of the workers attempted to use a crane to lower the other from the roof of a building approximately 40-50 feet off the ground.

According to the incident report filed by Deputy Jared Monie, the operator extended the boom of a crane and his co-worker, 20 year old Ryan Lankford, stepped onto the end of the lift.

As the operator was lowering the boom, the crane tipped over and Lankford was thrown off; landing on top of some wooden pallets on the ground nearby.

The crane may have lost its footing because it was in soft sand at the time of the accident. As it fell, the boom of the crane landed directly in the center of the crane operator’s 1996 Chevy truck — causing significant damage.

Lankford was transported to the hospital by Rescue 14, however,
It did not appear that there were any serious injuries, according to Deputy Monie’s report. It was not known if Lankford was wearing any safety harness or other equipment during the accident.

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