Don’t pay money to collect “winnings”

Internet FraudA 22 year old Hastings woman has fallen victim to a widely publicized scheme to defraud according to a report by Deputy Michael Saunders that was obtained by Historic City News this morning.

The victim, who lives in a Merkerson Street apartment, called the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office yesterday to report that she received an email from the United Kingdom stating that she had won $3.4 million dollars in a lotto drawing from that country.

The victim stated that she was told in the e-mail that she could collect her winnings if she forwarded $397.43 by Western Union to the sender not later than July 12th.

If she complied, the victim was told that she would receive $3.4 million dollars by July 14th.

The victim could not provide any other information about the source of the e-mail. The victim stated that she complied and, according to the incident report, she showed the Western Union receipt to Deputy Saunders.

The victim stated that she had tried to stop payment on the transfer but the money was picked up at a Western Union agent in London, England.

The victim could not print the e-mail to provide as evidence because she told the deputy that she did not have a printer for her computer.

The victim has contacted Western Union to report the fraudulent scheme and the Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation.

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