Filling more than your tank

Conner’s Shell Station is a landmark in downtown St. Augustine. It has occupying the corner of Malaga and King Streets for many years and today it stands as the last downtown service station — offering both gasoline and automotive repairs.

For over ten years, Joe Tringali has owned and operated the Shell station, still known as “Conner’s”, and recently he has decided to take his investment in the neighborhood to the next level.

As seen in the photograph of the remodeling, supplied by Historic City Media news photographer Kerry McGuire, Conner’s is being transformed into “Carmelo’s” — a marketplace that will fill more than your gas tank. Joe will be expanding his grocery items and food court to include coffee, pizza and subs.

For those who have come to depend on the auto mechanics and gasoline service on this busy corner, have no fear. The gasoline pumps are being upgraded and service bay is being refitted in order to continue these services as well.

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