Great Bubble Blow-Out

Great Bubble Blow-OutHistoric City News learned that on Saturday, October 25th, the Children’s Museum of St. Johns (CMSJ) will debut its newest hands-on, interactive activity for children at Ancient City Kids Day, a festival for children sponsored by EPIC Community Services.

“The Great Bubble Blow-Out” is literally a “festival of bubbles,” according to exhibit designer and CMSJ board member Charlene Cross, and will be featured at CMSJ’s “museum without walls”-a series of tents pitched on the grounds of the Francis Special Events Field in downtown St. Augustine. In the picture above, Owen Carlson and Bridget Connor collaborate with a triangular blower.

Kids will rotate to various “bubble stations” where they can make monster (huge) bubbles, body bubbles, bubble windows, and skeleton bubbles. There they can experiment with different utensils- including just their hands-to blow all kinds of bubbles, learn bubble “magic” tricks, and even make a bubble as big as they are.

“Bubbles are just good clean fun,” says Cross, who was an exhibit designer at the Baltimore Museum of Science prior to relocating to St. Augustine. “And, adults love them as much as kids do.” She also points out the educational value: “Bubbles-their structure and dynamics-are studied by scientists, mathematicians, and architects.” Case in point: the National Aquatics Center, built for the 2008 Summer Olympics held this summer in Beijing, China , with its translucent, blue-toned outside skin resembling a cube of bubbles.

Bubble Blow Out
Blowing Bubbles: Carson Weed and Andrew Philcox create a mound of colored bubbles for a bubble art project, which will be offered at the Children’s Museum of St. Johns’ booth at Ancient City Kids Day.

Participants will be encouraged to experiment with their bubble creations, ask questions, and examine the results: Can you blow a bubble inside a bubble? Look at the places where bubbles meet-can you make a bubble with straight sides? What do things look like through a bubble wall?

All activities offered at Ancient City Kids Day are free to the more than 1,200 participants expected to attend thanks to event sponsors.Don’t miss this fun event! We hope to see you there!

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