Hastings Town Commission Meeting

Two items on tonight’s regular agenda before the Hastings Town Commission are likely to spark some debate.

During the “Old Business” segment, Lt. Dan Chitwood will address actions taken at the commission’s meeting last month when they passed a resolution saying they didn’t want the proposed Sheriff’s Agricultural Work Farm facility to be built near the existing Hastings’ Youth Academy.

In a letter dated April 8, 2008 and obtained by Historic City Media, Lt. Chitwood raises some new topics for consideration.

“One significant item that we believe deserves further discussion and professional evaluation is the suggestion that placement of the Work Center at this site might assist in expanding the Town’s utility capacities.”, says Chitwood.

In his request to be re-heard at this evening’s meeting, Chitwood suggests, “Possibilities include wastewater effluent re-use as well as an incremental water plant expansion in lieu of on-site development of required utilities.”

Also on the agenda is a contract for demolition of the civic center, an issue that has aroused concerns as some people seek to have the town government de-chartered.

The Record stated in a report today that residents have questions about how state grants for work on the facility will be paid back.

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