Miner leaves position at CSX


Mark P. Miner
Historic City News contacted Commissioner Mark Miner this morning to discuss the demands of his new seat on the St. Johns County Board of Commissioners and his employment with CSX.

Miner told us that his decision to leave CSX was a matter of priorities and commitments.

“I want there to be no question that my priority is to the people of St. Johns County” Miner said.

On the campaign trail, Miner was often questioned about his full-time position at Jacksonville based CSX and how that might affect his ability to serve if elected.

“I stated with frequency that the people of St. Johns County would come first every time” Miner told us. “I meant what I said.”

Miner told us about his decision making process when it came to leaving CSX.

He explained that he felt it was important to dedicate himself entirely to the people of St. Johns County because of the downturn in the economy and what he described as “unfortunate circumstances” as a result of the suspension of former chairman Tom Manuel from his seat in District 4.

Miner told us a bit about his accomplishments and what he leaves behind at CSX.

“While at CSX I had the opportunity to create and manage their Military & Diversity Recruiting program and see it from inception to being ranked by GI Jobs Magazine as #8 in the nation — out of over 2,000 American companies”, said Miner.

In April of 2008, Miner earned the CSX Chairman’s Award of Excellence; CSX’s highest honor.

Miner told us, “CSX is an extraordinary company with incredible people. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work there.”

We also learned a bit about his outlook for the next four years on the Board. “I am optimistic in our new Board’s ability to come together and solve the important issues we face as a County”, Miner said.

Miner always appreciates the opportunity to communicate with our readers and we have found him to be approachable and accessible for public comments.

He asked that we communicate his appreciation to the voters for affording him this opportunity to serve.