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St. Augustine Beach
The second quarterly edition of the City of St. Augustine Beach newsletter was released this month.

This issue covers the appointment of the new Assistant Chief of Police, Joni Mathis, who replaced Joseph Sisti; City Attorney Geoffrey Dobson swearing in 2008 Commissioner Sylvester “Brud” Helhoski as the City’s Vice Mayor and Commissioner Rich O’Brien as the City’s Mayor as well as several awards and recognitions presented by the Mayor and Commission

Notices included:
1. Sea Turtle Protection Season
2. City’s 50th Birthday
3. Permits Required for Weddings on the Beach
4. Soliciting Without Invitation Prohibited
5. Removal of Trees Without a Permit Prohibited

There is a review of the highlights of Commission actions over the past three months as well as a preview of topics to be taken up over the next three months, including:
1. Regulating Transient Lodging Rentals
2. Proposed Ordinance to Regulate Parking
3. Changing Funding for County Fire Service from Property Tax to Fee
4. Amending Comprehensive Plan for Policies Related to Public Schools
5. Implementation of Goals for 2008
6. City’s Budget.

Citywide projects discussed included:
1. Construction of Sewer Mains
2. 16th Street Sidewalk
3. Acquisition of the Maratea Subdivision
4. Drainage Improvements
5. Beautification of 8th Street Plazas
6. Lighting and Landscaping for City Sign at Intersection of SR-312/A1A
7. A Street Restrooms
8. Tree Planting Program
9. Putting Streetlights Along A1A Beach Boulevard North of City’s Limits

Download the entire publication.
Photo provided by the Historical Society Research Library

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