Nobus from Skybus

Stranded passenger
Stranded passengers at St. Augustine St. Johns County Airport this morning had not yet received word that Skybus ceased all operations effective Saturday, April 5.

SASJC Airport employees were on the scene of the former Skybus hanger to deliver the bad news to passengers.

Passenger drop off

The Baker family from Lancaster, OH, south of Columbus, just learned from relatives at around 9:00 p.m. that they would have to make alternate arrangements to return home. Mr. Baker told Historic City Media that he had been able to get a one-way flight on U.S. Air but was having difficulty returning his rental car in St. Augustine and getting transportation for his new flight out of Jacksonville International Airport.

Bad news Saturday April 5

Baker may have been lucky. Since hundreds of passengers coming in and out of St. Augustine find themselves without a flight, other already overbooked airlines are unable to make last minute reservations — and the prices of seats we were able to find were $300 – $900.

Photo credit Historic City Media news reporter: Kerry McGuire

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