Republican Executive Committee elections

Last night the Republican Executive Committee elected it’s new officers at it’s annual organizational meeting.

The REC’s nominating committee presented a slate of candidates that were all overwhelmingly elected by the membership to serve a two year term.

Opposition by the Libertarian Republican Caucus was nominated from the floor for the positions of Chairman, 1st Vice Chair and 2nd Vice Chair; however, the nominees presented by the nominating committee were successful in winning the positions.

The elected officers were as follows:
Party Chairman – Harlan Mason winner with 76% of the vote
1st Vice Chair – Cheryl Robitzsch winner with 67% of the vote
2nd Vice Chair – Brian Iannucci winner with 80% of the vote
Treasurer – Bob Veit (unopposed)
Recording Secretary – Nathan Reichenberg (unopposed)
Corresponding Secretary – Cheryl Howell (unopposed)
Member at Large – Reau Estes winner with 85% of the vote

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