Republican Party to become “more visible”

St Johns County GOP
In an interview with Reau Estes this afternoon, he told me that the Republican Party of St. Johns County has given new focus to the importance of the party’s participation in community events.

“An example”, said Estes, “is what we did at Rhythm & Ribs.” referring to the tent and booth the party set up there.

Estes spoke about otherwise willing members of the party who have to “punch a clock” and wouldn’t be able to coordinate and actually staff such a booth — but he hopes to see that changing.

“In organizations like the Republican Party where many of us work, it is difficult to find people who have the time and availability to participate.”

Estes commented on the intention of the Party to take a more active role and to advance a more prominent image of the party at other community events. He hoped that the tent and booth would be seen more frequently and used by members of the party to get the message out about the goals and ideals for the political organization.

The Executive Committee represents St. Johns County on behalf of the Republican Party of Florida and consists of Chairman Robert Veit, First Vice Chairman Harlan Mason, Second Vice Chairman Robert Champion, Secretary Becky Reichenberg, Corresponding Secretary Stephanie Littlefield, Treasurer Peter Romano, State Committeewoman Elvira Hasty, State Committeeman Jon Woodard and Reau Estes, Member-at-Large.

You may contact the Republican Party of St. Johns County through their website.

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