Restaurant association supports member in need

Christine McMillan, Vice-President of St. Augustine Independent Restaurant Association, reported to Historic City News last night that the local restaurant association will be showing support for one of it’s members in hard times.

Cortesse Bistro experienced a fire this week and their main building was badly damaged.

Cortesse’s is a SAiRA member, so, the members of SAiRA are pitching in to help. Before cleanup may begin, the fire chief and state agencies will have to sign off on new permits.

In the meantime, Cortesse’s off premise catering needs a kitchen.

Cortesse’s caters wedding receptions and parties. Michael Smythe of Cortesse’s has been offered the kitchen of Gypsy Cab Co. while Cortesse’s kitchen is repaired.

Cortesse’s Flamingo Room and bar is still open! Light summer dining and bar specials are still available. This weekend, August 15, 2008 Cortesse’s plans for the patio/courtyard to be open for light summer dining during lunch and dinner.

The restaurant is open 7 days a week 11 am to 10pm.

Michael Smythe would like to thank his customers for their support during this trying time.

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