Traffic stop leads to trafficking charges

A Thursday afternoon traffic stop by Deputy Sheriff Ryan J. Smith quickly escalated into two felony and two misdemeanor arrests when it was discovered that the driver of the vehicle was in possession of marijuana and a large amount of cocaine, according to a report filed with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

Historic City Media verified that Grady Ja’Vonne Smith is still in custody tonight in lieu of $50,900.00 bail on charges of driving while license canceled suspended or revoked, possession of cannabis – less than 20 grams, manufacturing or delivery of drug paraphernalia and trafficking in cocaine.

About 12:30 p.m. Thursday, Deputy Smith reported that he noticed a vehicle turning onto West 7th Street from South Orange Street. The vehicle was unable to stay completely in its lane and was partially in the westbound traffic lane during the turn.

Deputy Smith reports that when he turned around on the vehicle, the driver immediately turned north onto Brevard Street without using a turn signal. The vehicle then turned into a driveway and came to a stop on West 5th Street with Deputy Smith in pursuit.

As Deputy Smith approached the vehicle, he observed that the driver was the only occupant of the vehicle. The driver immediately exited the vehicle and presented his Florida ID card. When Deputy Smith asked if the driver had a driver’s license, the driver stated that it was suspended, according to the report. A computer check revealed that the driver’s license was, in fact, suspended; so Deputy Smith placed the suspect, Grady Ja’Vonne Smith, under arrest for driving on a suspended driver’s license with knowledge.

Deputy Smith and Deputy Russell searched the vehicle in the immediate area where the suspect was sitting and immediately located a black bag laying on the driver’s floorboard; half under the front seat.

Inside the bag, Deputy Smith says that he located two large baggies of powder totaling 8 ounces or approximately 225 grams as well as two baggies of cannabis weighing approximately 9 grams. Also found was a digital scale with drug residue and a pair of scissors.

Deputy Russell performed a NARCOTEST on the powder and reported that it tested positive in the field for cocaine. The cocaine reportedly has a street value of approximately $25,000.00.

Joey’s towing responded and took custody of the vehicle and the driver was booked in the St. Johns County Jail.

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