$1 million bond reduced – Gray still in custody


Historic City News has learned that yesterday, Mark Miller asked Judge Wendy Berger to consider that Quinn Hanna Gray does not pose a risk to the community and is not a flight risk; as he argued for his client’s release from jail.

Miller contends that the Gray family does not have adequate resources to post a $1 million bail — suggesting that a bond of $10,000 to $20,000 would be “appropriate.”

Quinn Gray was arrested by Sheriff’s deputies following the arrest of a 25 year-old man, Jasmine Osmanovic; who authorities first suspected had kidnapped Gray after the 37 year-old mother of two disappeared over the Labor Day weekend.

Once Osmanovic was in custody and Gray was located in Clay County, unharmed, investigators had an opportunity to interview each of them. Detectives now believe that instead of being kidnapped, Gray was a willing participant in her disappearance. Gray allegedly fabricated an elaborate kidnapping plan in an effort to extort $50,000 from her husband, Reid Gray, who was also in court Friday.

Judge Wendy Berger agreed to release Gray to the custody of her attorney if she could make $200,000 bail, surrender her passport, wear a GPS tracking device and be admitted to an acute care facility.

Although Gray is still in custody this morning, if released, she would not be allowed to carry a firearm, have “violent contact with the alleged victim”, or consume alcohol or drugs.

Reid Gray told reporters outside the courthouse “I’m here to support my wife and my children. My hope is for a positive resolution to this. I want my wife to come out of this feeling wonderful. I want her to feel great about everything after this is all over. I think that’s going to be the outcome. She’s an amazing woman.”

He thanked the community for its support and said that he felt the two of them would be able to get past all that’s taken place.