Applications Management updates announced

Historic City News has received word that Applications Management is in the process of improving several procedures involved in the county’s Development Review Process.

First, the Development Review Manual is being revised to reduce the submittal requirements for selected applications. Digital copies and scanning technology has enabled a reduction in the required number of submittals for horizontal construction plans, which reduces the cost to applicants and reduces the cost to the County for management and storage of files.

Additionally, staff is working to set minimal requirements that will allow an efficient and accurate review. The Division has not yet become paperless, but a needs assessment will yield a reduction in the total number of paper plan sets required, as well as the required size.

Also, recording weekly Development Review Committee meetings is now done digitally, reducing the need to purchase and store cassette tapes.

These changes will be implemented through petitioned revisions to the Development Review Manual, with changes provided through links on the County website, according to the County Administrator’s office.

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