Artworthy: Suvo


This weeks featured artist: Greg Travous

Artist/Graphic Designer/Street

Artist or Advocate?
All artists should also be an advocate for other artists.

Artistic Tool of Choice?
If I chose one, it would be my hands. It can be both a pallete, and an applicator.

First artistic memory?
When I was 10 years old, I won a poster contest sponsored by the local Red Cross. I was awarded a pen and pencil set at a special ceremony.

Defining moment as an artist?
On a visit to NYC seven years ago, I saw in West and East Village, hanging in half a dozen bars and coffeeshops, a poster that I created years before.Over 5000 were published and sold at a World Trade Center stationery store and a few other shops. I was told on that visit that the print is a rare “collectible” of New York City ephemera. I wish that I still had one myself, but no one would sell it to me. I never told them that I was the artist. So I say to artists, “save your images!”

Favorite arts related possession at the moment? Like many artists I have my favorite easel. Karl the Rottweiler ( I feel strange calling him “mine”. He is his own dog ) and my easel are my old friends who go through life with me.

Inspiration or perspiration?
Inspiration comes easily to me. The world is full of color and this is the basis of my works. Color alone can be a statement.The persperation part comes up in the marketing of my work. I am a street vendor and it requires a strong will to go out and face the elements, the public and in the case of St. Augustine, the police who are sometimes ordered to enforce illegal ordinances that has put me behind bars.

Why St. Johns County?
St. John’s County is Florida. It is not the ersatz version ,but the real thing. The French, the Spanish, the Minorcans and the British all are part of the fabric that made this place unique.I grew up near the industry saturated part of the Mississippi River that makes me appreciate the beauty of the St. Johns River. I generally do not paint architecture (I sometimes kid my artist friends about ‘postcard art’)and this is probably an answer to your question that most artists will reference. It is the sky, the water, the green, yellow and the blue that drew me here.

Greg can usually be found with his artwork in the downtown plaza. If you get the chance, stop by to talk to him. You will not be bored!