Bryan’s raffle to be “first across bridge” stalled

Historic City News listened along with City Commissioners to a suggestion that might benefit a proposed St. Augustine Foot Soldiers monument from current County Commissioner Ken Bryan who says that the city should use the reopening of the Bridge of Lions as a fundraiser.

Bryan says the city should hold a raffle to select the first walker, runner, bicyclist, vehicle, etc. to cross the restored span.

Bryan’s suggestion ran into logistical problems, as Mayor Boles said he believes the Florida Department of Transportation wants “to work out kinks” with traffic use before a formal ceremony.

Commissioner Nancy Sikes-Kline said the ceremony might wait until the dismantling of the temporary bridge and its concrete sections become an artificial reef.

Commissioner Crichlow said “Opening the bridge six months before a formal ceremony would certainly defeat the idea of first across”.

No action was taken by the commission on Bryan’s suggestion.


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