Bullock to appear in television pilot

Executive Producer Gary F. Flanigan and Producers Lisa Acker and Jay Allan, congratulated local resident James Bullock on his selection to be a principal cast member for the television pilot “JAX” according to correspondence received by Historic City News this week.

JAX is a production of VIZN (pronounced “vision”), a new network concept that’s being positioned to provide satellite, cable, and internet audiences with a full array of educational, informational, and entertainment television features produced exclusively by independent producers.

Utilizing Jacksonville, Florida as a “test market” via WVVQ-TV for first-run original content that has yet to reach national exposure, VIZN will also provide many fine actors a multimedia platform to be artistically showcased locally, regionally, and nationally.

Branded as the Collegiate Network, “the place where originality meets opportunity without compromising intellect,” a consortium of Florida based and nationally prominent colleges and universities having mass communications programs, television production facilities, and internet streaming capabilities will serve as VIZN ’s primary network affiliates.