Carriage operator proposes new route


The City Department of Public Affairs reported to Historic City News that Murphy McDaniel believes he’s got a safer route for horse carriages.

Part of McDaniel’s plan includes reversing the direction which today which he says creates a number of hazardous situations.

McDaniel, of Avalon Carriages, is the city’s major carriage tour business.

To Murphy, it’s both a matter of safety for all involved and self-preservation. “If God forbid someone gets killed, that will probably be the end of carriage businesses in St. Augustine.”, Murphy said.

For safety, McDaniel recommends moving the bayfront carriage stand to the west side of Avenida Menendez and a route which incorporates right turns, more traffic signal intersections and less conflict with sightseeing train and trolley routes.

Possible stumbling blocks could be businesses along the bayfront from Hypolita Street to Harry’s Seafood Grill accepting carriages in front of their businesses; the southbound bend at Cuna Street which creates a blind spot and of course the scenic setting of the carriages along the waterfront.

Eliminated in the proposed new route would be carriages crossing two lanes of traffic along the bayfront, turns onto Orange Street from the bayfront and onto King Street from Sevilla Street, congestion at the Bridge of Lions and pedestrians – especially eager children – crossing Avenida Menendez to get to the carriage stand.

The hazard areas are marked in yellow in the picture.

Map courtesy of St. Augustine Sightseeing Map and Guide


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