Charges filed in Ponte Vedra Beach murder


At a press conference held this afternoon by Sheriff David B. Shoar, Historic City News learned that a Duval county man is now facing first degree murder charges in connection with a Ponte Vedra Beach murder which occurred earlier this year.

Shoar told Historic City News that an arrest warrant has been issued for 63-year old Richard William Medeiros who resides at 3948 3rd Street in Jacksonville Beach, but is presently being held under $500,000 bond in the Duval County Jail on unrelated charges of attempted murder.

Medeiros will be charged in connection with the February 6, 2009 murder of a 92- year old Ponte Vedra Beach woman, Alyce Bowles, who was found dead on the living room floor of her home in the 600 block of Alhambra La. — part of the Oak Bridge neighborhood in Sawgrass.

Crime Scene Technicians were able to obtain DNA evidence at the scene of the Bowles murder which was processed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Crime Lab and entered into the combined DNA Index System (CODIS), however, a “hit” was not obtained at the time.

On Tuesday, July 7th, Jacksonville Beach Police arrested Medeiros on attempted murder charges.

Medeiros appeared at a real estate office in the 3000 block of Third St. South in Jacksonville Beach where he looked at prospective homes to purchase — for nearly 45 minutes. According to police, Medeiros reached into a bag and grabbed a hammer then struck a female victim in the back of the head.

Medeiros fled the scene but was caught a short time later with assistance from tracking dogs. Medeiros was discovered hiding in a shed.

As part of the Jacksonville Beach investigation, Detective Paul Watkins discovered that Medeiros had an acquaintance that lived directly across the street from Ms. Bowles.

Further investigation revealed that Medeiros had been to the Sawgrass residence on numerous occasions and was familiar with Bowles. The F.D.L.E. lab confirmed that DNA evidence found at Bowles’ home — matched that of Medeiros.

During several interviews with detectives, Medeiros repeatedly stated that he did not remember what happened, but the last time he spoke with Bowles was in February 2009 outside of her home.

According to Sheriff Shoar, Medeiros wrote a letter to Bowles’ family which stated in part, “I totally accept responsibility for this. Before this happened I never hurt anyone, but I’m going to remember how and why it happened.”


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