City may ban soliciting at overlaoded intersection

If a proposed ordinance is advanced Monday, the heavily traveled intersection of US 1 and SR 207 will no longer be a soliciting site.

Attention was called to the hazards of soliciting at that location in a recent news article featuring an unemployed college graduate seeking work who was waving a sign at the intersection.

SR 207 and US 1 have become one of the most visible locations for transients asking for help.

The proposed ordinance, if approved at a later meeting, would extend the no-soliciting zone already in place along US 1 to 100 feet west along SR 207.

City Atty. Ron Brown said the soliciting “creates a safety hazard for persons soliciting … as well as impeding the traffic flow.”

Brown noted this intersection has a Florida Department of Transportation rating of “F,” carrying 139 percent of ideal traffic load.

The proposed ordinance will be considered by commissioners at this Monday night’s meeting for advancement to public hearing.

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