Community Garden needs help to win grant


Cash McVay reported to Historic City News that progress continues on the Lincolnville Community Garden which recently applied for a $2,000 Brighter Planet Micro Grant.

The Lincolnville Community Garden construction crew is busy installing the gardens infrastructure. So far, we’ve installed the perimeter fence, filled and leveled the site, and are set to complete the education pavilion this week. We have available funds to complete the raised garden boxes and install the edible grove. However, we will need to raise more money in order to complete the gardens tool shed.

McVay hopes the Brighter Planet Grant Fund will allow Lincolnville neighbors to effectively reduce their personal carbon footprint, while participating in a social and recreational activity. The garden is already inspiring neighbors to garden in their own backyards, further reducing our community’s carbon footprint.

“The garden needs your help to win this grant” McVay said. “There is a very easy way to help — just follow the 3 steps below.”

1) Visit the following link:

2) Select the “Sign up” link. Then enter your email, create a user name and password. That’s all that is required.

3) Each Brighter Planet community member is given THREE votes. You can apply all THREE votes to the Lincolnville Community Garden.

The more votes the Lincolnville Community Garden gets the better chance they have at obtaining the grant. So, McVay asks, “Please spread the word to anyone that you think might be interested.”


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