Dinner in the dark

Chef Michael announced to Historic City News that adventure awaits in a new dining experience at OPUS 39 Restaurant & Food Gallery.

Arriving to a warm welcome and a few words of orientation, you don a featherweight blindfold and are immersed in darkness. Then, you are gently guided to your table.

By removing the sense of sight, you have accentuated your other senses. When guests dine in complete darkness, their senses are heightened and food can taste even better!

Your concentration centers around the flavors of the food and wine as you experience an extraordinary four-course meal by Chef Michael McMillan paired with fine wines.

“You’ll be surprised at how much your sense of taste has relied on your sense of sight and amazed at the flavors that come through as the food is savored strictly by taste alone”, McMillan said.

OPUS 39 Restaurant & Food Gallery invites you to be one of the first in our area to experience this incredible evening. Without your sense of sight, you will be tantalized by taste, smell, sound, and tactile experience. Many surprises await! Call for reservations (904) 824-0402.
You will receive a copy of the menu at the end of the event.


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