Drugs discovered in trespassing arrest

Deputy Jeffery Carroll made two arrests at about 2:30 yesterday morning at a vacant residence on Rodriguez Street according to an incident report received by Historic City News.

The owner of the property told officers that they had ongoing problems trying to keep unwanted people out of the boarded up home.

Upon taking 27 year old Franklin Maddox III and 24 year old Sarah L. Burchett into custody on the misdemeanor charges, Deputy Carroll noticed that Burchett was trying to remove something from her right front pants pocket.

On inspection, Deputy Carroll discovered that in addition to currency, coins and a cigarette lighter, Burchett had possession of a clear plastic bag containing a “white flaky substance” that Burchett had wiped on her pants leg.

The substance tested positive in the field for cocaine resulting in additional felony possession charges against Burchett.

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