Evans found dead after winning acquittal


William Telano Evans, 57, the St. Augustine man accused of sexual misconduct, left the courthouse yesterday during a recess and did not return, according to a report received by Historic City News from SJSO Sgt. Charles Mulligan.

When Evans didn’t show for the reading of the verdict in his trial yesterday afternoon, the judge was concerned and sent deputies to the 100 block of Stokes Landing Road to find him.

Evans was found not guilty in his trial but was found dead at his residence.

Detectives with the Sheriff’s Robbery Homicide Section have begun the preliminary death investigation and indicators are that the subject died from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Confirmation on the cause of death will not be official until the Medical Examiner’s Office releases its findings.

At this time foul play is not expected, however, nothing has been excluded by the detectives.

Evans was originally thought to be in some nearby woods; however, the subject was located near the balcony of the residence and pronounced dead by Fire and Rescue personnel at that location.


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