FPL helps pay for insulating local homes

Homes built after 1982 are required to have R-19 ceiling insulation, which is the level that FPL recommends. However, if your home was built before 1982, chances you will benefit from adding insulation.

Adding ceiling insulation to your home can result in significant savings.

If you’ve determined that your home would benefit from increased insulation, FPL can help you pay for the upgrade through the FPL Building Envelope Program. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the FPL website to see if your home qualifies and request an appointment for a free FPL Home Energy Survey.

2. An FPL Energy Expert will come to your home and measure your insulation to see if you need more. If you do, FPL will give you an incentive up to 11 cents per square foot.

3. Redeem your FPL incentive through any FPL Participating Independent Contractor. You will be provided with a list of contractors while FPL is at your home.

It’s that easy! So don’t waste any more energy or money. Schedule your FPL Home Energy Survey today.

How much can you save by adding insulation through the FPL Building Envelope Program? Here’s an example:

If you previously had no insulation in your 1,800-square-foot home and then upgraded to R-19, your FPL incentive would be $300. And at $0.12/kWh, your annual energy savings would be approximately $112 per year.

Taking into account your out-of-pocket expenses the insulation would pay for itself in about three years!


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