Ft. Mose Historical Society 13th birthday


Historic City News received an invitation to attend the upcoming birthday celebration of the Fort Mose Historical Society.

Friday, June 26 2009 is the date and Ft. Mose is the setting for the 13th birthday of the Ft. Mose Historical Society.

The second birthday occurring that day is really an anniversary rather than a birthday. It will be the 269th anniversary of “Bloody Mose” as the British named it, the battle that occurred at Ft. Mose in 1740 on June 26th.

The Ft. Mose Historical Society is planning a birthday party of sorts to celebrate these two events in the form of a reception from 6pm to 8pm.

Established in 1738 by Colonial Spanish Florida’s Governor Manuel Montiano, Fort Mose gave sanctuary to Africans challenging enslavement in the English Colony of Carolina. Approximately 100 Africans lived at Fort Mose, forming more than 20 households. Together they created a frontier community which drew on a range of African backgrounds blended with Spanish, Native American and English cultural traditions.

A Maroon Fort Mose, a maroon community, was legally sanctioned by the Spanish Government making it the first free African settlement to legally exist in the United States.

If you are interested in participating in this celebration, RSVP by contacting Gertie Laws at 904-797-5574 or Madeline Holtz at 904-461-9737.


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