Guest column: A Friendly Universe


The Universe is a friendly place! We know this because otherwise we would not be here! Scientifically speaking to make it possible for life to evolve and be friendly various essential events occurred, these events had to be violent, and they had to be long periods in which life evolved and was sheltered from violence.

The violent events include: supernova explosions to bring chemical elements essential to life; collisions between smaller planets crashing together to form larger planets; and the long quiet periods in which life evolved and was sheltered from violence.

Time in the universe always had two faces, the violent face, and the slow gentle face, simply put the face of the destroyer and the face of the preserver. The shear existence of life depends crucially on the fact that time has these two faces, and the violent face created the stuff that we are made of and the quiet face sustains us and allow for us to evolve.

We must understand the two reasons why these faces exist, which is “superficial and fundamental.” The superficial reason is that the universe is large and vast, and distances are so great that accidental collisions hardly ever happen, and this is why the family of planets can run like a perfect clock including the sun rotating not rising around the earth’s axis, and with orbits undisturbed by close encounters with alien stars for billions of years. Frankly, we are protected from cataclysms by the size of the interstellar spaces in the vast Universe.

The more fundamental reason is that the force of gravity dominates the universe. Gravitational energy is punitively the largest reserve of energy, and qualitatively the least disordered. It carries zero disorder and zero heat. Due to its superior quality, gravitational energy can change easily and irreversibly into other forms of energy.

Other forms of energy are assoicated with disorder and heat, but gravitational energy is cool. Therefore, all things must be put in context so to realize and maximize the friendly universe. So to maximize this friendliness we should either accept others leadership qualities, provide our own, or ignore them both.

Dr. Robert Jarvick the inventor of the artificial heart said “Leaders have a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them they simply make the impossible happen.” How does this happen?

Simple, leaders work within the friendly universe, thereby maximizing every opportunity, dream, desire, and vision, while allowing themselves to grow so to remain consistent and conscious, and in tune with the universe, and thereby accepting and realizing its effectiveness, efficiency, and energy.

Leadership is the process of getting things done through and for people in the universe, and through this process leaders can help us all reach our goals. Consequently, not all leaders are relegated to elected officials, CEO, professionals, athletes, or thespians; most are common people, who were trust into leadership positions, some are just born with the talent of leading, and it can also be learned.

Leadership is fun, but it always means responsibility in good times and bad. The leader is the person that others look to get the job done. So do not think your job, as a Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop leader or staff member is just an honor. It is more that that. It also means that others expect you to take responsibility of getting the job done. Unfortunately, leadership is not a science, but has existed forever, and being a leader is an adventure, because you can never be sure whether you will reach your goal.

Nevertheless, leaders use many skills to accomplish their goals, and most time people will never be able to figure those skills out. However, keeping it in context of the universe everything is possible, and we should all aspire to accept the friendly universe and either lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Personal question, do you have a powerful energy that accompanies you? Angels, spirit guides, ancestor’s accomplishments in battle or otherwise, good deeds of forebears, or just pure consciousness. We should welcome it all, acknowledge it, and invoke them to assist lead us higher. It is amazing the joy that such divine source of universal energy and peace with the universe and oneself can bring about. This comes from not selling out, being true to oneself, and one’s family, and by having a rock solid universal and Christian foundation upon which to build.

Speaking of the universe our town’s name sake Bishop San Agustín of Hippo was not a coincidence or after thought. It was Divine providence that our town was founded on Catholicism and named after the Bishop of Hippo. San Agustín is perhaps most famously associated with the doctrine of Divine Providence in the Latin West.

Be that as it may, it is through this same Divine Providence that we pray that the construction of a new museum (Mission of Nombre de Dios) showcasing the history of Catholicism in St. Augustine is forthcoming and accurate with reference to the depiction and teaching of Catholicism and add with their new design San Agustin’s significant contributions to the New World, and the influence of him on Catholicism and Christianity in the new world.

Our name sake should not be relegated to the back pages for his dismissal would be a disgrace to “Christians” and could pose issues in the future for our area, specifically in today’s 24 hour international news cycle. We as a great Nation of Americans have come too far through God’s grace to ignore such a significant figure, specifically, with our 450th and 500th Anniversary coming up. Maybe for the 450th Celebration we should erect a statue in honor of the Patron Saint on the Mission grounds of San Agustin Bishop of Hippo Regis.

God not man is most often conceived of as the supernatural creator and overseer of the universe. We are not Catholic, but if we were we would have visited many friends in Italy and would have arranged a visit the Vatican to discuss this topic and our frustration regarding this subject. However, we are devote “Christian,” and are always amused and puzzled at how professors of religion, theologians, ministers, and others can talk about Catholicism and the Catholic Church and systematically leave out the most influential theologian in the new world. Well, on this like other missions of omissions, corrections, or quest for accuracy I am calling all the powerful energy of the universe, Angles, my Boss, and higher spirits for help on this one!

“It is a fact, that San Agustin anglicized to St. Augustine was named after a person of upmost moral character, devoted to Christ, and a foremost leader in the new world in the field of Theology, who also happened to be from Algeria or North Africa.

Pedro Menéndez first sighted land on August 28, the feast day of Agustin of Hippo, and consequently named the settlement San Agustín. Subsequently, the “first recorded birth of a black child is in the Cathedral Parish Archives, and is dated 1606 (there are probably earlier black births, but this is the oldest one for whom a written record has been found) and thirteen years before the conventional wisdom says that black people first arrived on these shores at Jamestown in 1619).” We need to set the record straight, and be accurate.

In essence, it does not matter, if you call upon Angels, a higher spirit, Boss, Jewish carpenter, ancient mystic symbols, saints or your personal divine nature. Nor does it matter if you are Christian, Catholic or non-believer, we all have a spirit, and we all die. The choice is your use your time for positive or negative interactions.

What does matter is that one call forth some higher state of consciousness, as well as call forth a vibration that lifts you higher and higher to the truth of your maginifance so that when you dream what you want to manifest you are dreaming from a place of no limitation, because in the universe there are no limitations.

This realistic and simple approach to maximizing the friendly universe requires a higher consciousness and this creates space for possibilities to come forward. It can bring creative forces to the stuff we need to be creative, and a successful leader. It believes anything is possible because it knows ever desire is ever present in the field, and the field has infinite possibilities. Anything under the sun is possible, so dream immensely from higher places and watch the magnificence unfold before your eyes.

Albert Einstein provided leadership when he once posed the question “Is the universe friendly?” He then proved that it was.

Derek Boyd Hankerson
St. Augustine, FL

Derek Boyd Hankerson is the Managing Partner of Freedom Road, LLC. Derek is former vice president of the St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee and was an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention. Derek has been a leader in numerous community projects in support of Fort Mose, multicultural education and heritage tourism. Historic City News is pleased to be able to publish Derek’s periodic guest columns which are both informative and entertaining. Derek and his wife live in St. Augustine.


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