Historic market site for activity and vending

In order to protect and preserve the quality and historic and cultural ambiance of the historical sections of the downtown area, the City of St. Augustine reported to Historic City News the recent passage of three related ordinances.

Each ordinance addresses a specific subject the first of which regulates the area of St. George St. from Cathedral Place north to Orange St. (OR 2009-28). The second ordinance (OR 2009-29) regulates the vending and street performance activities in the Plaza de la Constitucion. The third ordinance (OR 2009-30) prohibits the vending and sale of food, beverages and refreshments in the city.

With passage of the ordinances, vending in the city is limited to only the Historic Market in the Plaza and under specific guidelines. The method of determining who will be allowed to perform and sell will be though a monthly public city held lottery.

To view the guidelines, click here.

Application for vending and street performer activities, click here.

• To read Ordinance No. 2009-28, click here.
• To read Ordinance No. 2009-29, click here.
• To read Ordinance No. 2009-30, click here.

For more information on the lottery call the Department of Finance, Budget and Management at 825.1030 or visit their offices at 50 Bridge St.


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