Lightsey murder revisited on local crime program


Jacksonville news station WJXT Channel 4 will broadcast a special “Crime Alert Primetime: From Vows to Murder” tonight at 8 p.m. Thursday, October 29th.

WJXT hosts Tom Wills and Staci Spanos retell the dark story that began almost one year ago after a beautiful wedding in St. Augustine.

Two separate acts of violence rocked the reception that was held at A1A Ale Works that night. According to eyewitness reports, Melissa Lightsey was seen being dragged out of the reception by her hair.

The next day she was found dead, floating in the St. Augustine Inlet, after her husband, Benjamin Lightsey, reported her missing.

The investigation would reveal that not only did Melissa Lightsey’s assailant know her intimately, but he is the son of well known-local crime fighter, Glenn Lightsey.

Wills and Spanos will report what they find has happened to everyone involved since that terrible night; followed by the final chapter of the story on the WJXT Channel 4 Ten O’Clock News.


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