Lincolnville archaeology display at Excelsior

One of the city’s “hidden” treasures stands right in the heart of Lincolnville. The Excelsior Cultural Center serves many purposes in the community.

It is an art and local history museum, library, and resource center for residents.

The center’s building has long been important to the Lincolnville community. It was a school for the African‐American children of St. Augustine for many years. After that, it housed local government offices.

The Friends of Excelsior helped turn the building into a museum and cultural center in 2005.

The museum offers a peek into Lincolnville’s rich culture, past and present. Visitors can enjoy artwork from local artists or learn about African‐American life and history in St. Augustine.

They can see an outstanding photo collection of local teachers and parishioners as well as a commemoration of the Civil Rights Act.

Excelsior also has a brand new attraction—an archaeology display from historic Lincolnville.

The City of St. Augustine and FPAN recently partnered with Excelsior to create a display. The artifacts there once belonged to the Kelton family, who lived in a historic Lincolnville home starting in the late 1800s.

Two of the women in that family, who were sisters, had even been teachers at the school!

Historical research for the display was compiled by Toni Wallace, and Barbara Vickers provided historic photographs and valuable insights.

If you would like to see the Excelsior Cultural Center’s displays, you can visit it at 102 Martin Luther King Avenue. The center is open from Tuesday to Thursday from 1‐5pm. For more information, visit


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