Lincolnville Community Garden update

In a report to Historic City News this morning, Cash McVay says the Lincolnville Community Garden has been moved to the consent agenda at the City Commission meeting scheduled for tonight, Monday, April 27th.

Although McVay plans to attend tonight’s City Commission meeting, he reported that he does not expect to give a presentation.

“All indications are that the garden will received the needed approval to move forward”, said McVay.

McVay realized that it’s going to be a very long night due to the large number of items being discussed and that he isn’t really sure when the Lincolnville Community Garden item will come up.

McVay welcomed supporters of the garden to come to the meeting, but he remarked, “it’s not necessary”.

“I recommend you forgo the meeting and save your energy to help sprout the Lincolnville Community Garden”, McVay said.

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