Marriage Licenses Applications through 08/30/2009

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Akers Christopher Lewis -Losoncy Christina Brandy Brady -8/28/2009
Bowling Casey Maran -Sowder Jessica Ann -8/27/2009
Burton Zachary Devin -Mounce Kelly Denise -8/24/2009
Canon Byron Herbert -Rider Elizbeth Randolph -8/25/2009
Eyerly David Clarence Mccager Ii -Deakyne Dana Rachael -8/24/2009
Healy Kevin Michael -Bradley Debra Ann Misiewicz -8/25/2009
Horsley Jeremy Keith -Gurick Kendalyn Donna -8/26/2009
Hunsicker William Benjamin -Stedman Athena Annette -8/25/2009
Jones Calvin Bernard -Jones Sharon Ann Cole -8/28/2009
Murphy Joshua Patrick -Griffith Brittany Nicole -8/24/2009
Pak Ki Hong -Bruner Tammy Elizabeth -8/24/2009
Pereira Vlaffison Henrique -Martinez Analy Del Carmen -8/24/2009
Putnam Joshua Lee -Milligan Tammy Kay Cubbedge -8/27/2009
Reed Anthony Joseph -Gaines Nicole Adair -8/24/2009
Rezgui Mabrouk -Rezgui Karima -8/24/2009
Rief Nicholas Jon -Marushin Amy Marie -8/27/2009
Thomas Matthew Stuart -Moir Caroline Lea Newsom -8/27/2009
Trejbal Daniel Scott -Mandel Rebecca Irene -8/24/2009
Willard Ezekiel Francis -Huggins Carrie Lee -8/24/2009

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and can not guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.


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