Masters Drive gets new humps


Historic City News cautions readers that if you have to travel Masters Drive, keep an eye on your speed or you and your vehicle will be in for a shock — a jolt from new asphalt speed humps.

County crews have completed a transformation of those mini rubber speed bumps into asphalt humps.

County Public Works Director Joe Stephenson says the rubber bumps “were worn out after several years of use. The asphalt replacements should be much more durable.”

The new humps extend across the width of the road, while the smaller bumps were centered in each travel lane. The rubber bumps were akin to driving over a curb if you were exceeding the 25mph posted speed limit.

Some drivers skirted the old speed bumps by swerving onto lawns or into oncoming traffic.

Speed control efforts along Masters Drive were stepped up after a youngster bicycling out of a cross street was killed by a passing motorist.

The asphalt humps, tested and used effectively in a number of St. Augustine neighborhoods, will make a smoother, safer ride along Masters Drive.

Photo credits: © 2009 Historic City News photographer Kerry McGuire