National Night Out on Tuesday


St. Johns County Area Boys & Girls Club Director Viv Helwig reported to Historic City News that the St. Augustine Boys & Girls Club is hosting National Night Out on Tuesday, August 4th.

The event, sponsored by Target Stores, is scheduled from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Club, located at 555 West King Street in St. Augustine.

The public is invited to join in and walk the neighborhood with local youth, residents, police officers and business partners to send the message that our community is united against crime.

Together, trash from the streets and yards will be picked up and disposed of by participants, showing criminals that the community will not stand by and allow their neighborhood be polluted with trash and criminal activity.

After the walk, the kids will gather at the Club for dinner, games, prizes, fun and demonstrations from the police K-9 unit, fire department and martial arts programs.

For your review, additional information on the event is provided in the following Schedule of Activities:

National Night Out 2009
St. Augustine Boys & Girls Club
555 West King Street
St. Augustine, Florida 32082

August 4, 2009 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Schedule of Events

3:00 Arrival of volunteers

3:30-3:45 BGC Staff prepare children for walk giving instructions on the event. (Bags & gloves given out, banners given to 2 groups)

3:45 Arrival of Police Officers – City and County
Arrival of Fire Truck & all invited guests to event & local radio station

4:00-4:15 Police officers will address all walkers on procedures of the walk do’s and don’ts of the walk and what National Night Out represents.
Children are placed into two groups. Officers are instructed to walk ahead of children, one in the middle of the group and one to the rear (if only two officers per group, then one to the front and one to the rear).

4:20-5:00 Walk begins. (Two groups, 30 minutes – one group walking West over the railroad track and one going to the East of the Club. Walk concludes with both groups arriving back at the St. Augustine Club.) Trash will be picked up along the way by walkers; banners will be carried by each group of walkers. (Times may vary)
During walk remaining volunteers will prepare dinner stations, game sites, while walkers are out. Radio station should be setting up and volunteers will be given job assignments. Please have the Fire Truck ready to conduct demonstrations and tours for the children of the fire truck.

5:00- 5:30 Dinner or Snacks will be served to the children, adults, officers and volunteers arriving back from the walk. All walkers must throw away their trash bags upon return and wash your hands before you approach food station. (Board members and Target employees to serve._

5:30-6:45 Game Time (all activities open to club members and invited guests wishing to participate)

Games: Twister- Target employees monitor (2)
Red Light Green Light- BGC Staff- (2)
Tug of War- Police Officers will work with members during this game (2)
Fire Truck- open for tours and demonstrations of siren and how the truck works
Sack races- Board Members can monitor this game site & Target employees

6:45-7:00 Club Members will be given a Goody Bag to take home given out by Sponsor Target

7:00 Event concludes . . . giving special thanks to guests and sponsors for their participation.