Old Kings Park development files papers

Wilson Green LLC, a Ponte Vedra-based development company, filed Pre-Application documents with St Johns County for Old Kings Park, a development of regional impact according to an announcement received by Historic City News this morning.

Filing of the pre-application documents is the first step in the review and approval process for DRIs in the State of Florida. A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled for Friday, January 16, 2009 at 9:00 AM, with a site visit to follow at 10:30.

Old Kings Park is located in the Southwest quadrant of the intersection of I-95 and SR206, in the County’s Interstate 95/State Road 206 West Development Area. This site was chosen as the top selection of future workforce opportunity sites in a study commissioned by the St Johns Chamber of Commerce and released in July, 2007.

The property consists of 6,149 acres, of which approximately 3,500 acres will be preserved.

Old Kings Park represents the vision for a new commerce and employment center and residential community in southern St Johns County. This vision is intended to unite economic development objectives and social vitality with environmental and cultural awareness.

The development is positioned to make a positive contribution to the County’s future by following four Cornerstone Initiatives. These include economic development, a Heritage Parkway, sustainable planning, and responsive design.

“This area of St Johns County is rich in history, culture, and opportunity,” said Paul Fletcher, CEO of Fletcher Management, managing partner of Wilson Green, LLC. “Old Kings Park will generate jobs while preserving the beauty of the land and showcasing the rich history of the area.”

Doug Davis, Senior Vice President of Fletcher Management noted that various groups have undertaken studies on how to boost the county’s employment, particularly the Chamber of Commerce study. “At this time, there’s really no one to take that to the next level,” Davis said. “We believe our project can take the hard work that’s been accomplished so far and execute it.”

The development will feature a Heritage Parkway running parallel to I-95, and connecting SR206 and CR204. The Parkway is being designed to take advantage of the natural topography of the land, and will feature trailheads, side trails, and occasional picnic areas and signage assisting visitors in learning more about the native plants and history of the area.

“The Heritage Parkway will allow the County to offer another eco-tourism opportunity, with trails, a linear arboretum, and educational facilities for visitors and schoolchildren to learn how Florida looked before settlement,” said Davis. “It’s location and design will allow a scenic alternative to I-95 for drivers in the area.”

It is anticipated that the DRI approval process will take approximately 2 years, after which construction could proceed.

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