Operation No Treats launched Wednesday


St. Johns County Sheriff David B. Shoar reported to Historic City News that his office has launched operation “No Treats” Wednesday afternoon; following the implementation of County Ordinances that were developed in early October.

The ordinance prohibits convicted Sexual Offenders and Predators from participating in certain holiday activities where children may be enticed to a residence.

Shoar said, “Over 20 detectives are visiting St. Johns County Sex offenders, notifying them of the new Ordinances and confirming their residency status.”

While at the residences, detectives will provide each offender with copies of the enacted ordinances and a sign that reads, “No Candy Here” which must be displayed on their front door on October 31st.

In addition, no decorations, wearing of costumes for the purpose of entertaining children or outdoor lighting indicating the participation in Halloween activities may be displayed at the property on October 31st.

“The sole intent of the Ordinance is to reduce the potential harm to children of the community by limiting the opportunity for sexual offenders and predators to be in contact with unsuspecting children”, said Shoar.

The Ordinances became effective in St. Johns County on October 12th of this year