Proposed Plaza ordinances


City Attorney Ron Brown reported to Historic City News that he will recommend delaying action to rescind 22.6, the current Plaza ordinance, until the September 14 St. Augustine City Commission meeting.

The commission was scheduled to take final action on the ordinance at their meeting this Monday night.

With the proposed ordinances now on the table, Brown recommends the delay; at which time all the ordinances will go to public hearing and final action.

The proposed ordinances

22.10 – St George Street
This existing code section bans street performers along the pedestrian area of St. George Street and 50 feet on either side. The revision adds street vendors to the ban.

22.06 – Plaza vending
This existing code section would be revised to limit both vending and “First Amendment Expressive Activity” to 12 spaces in the market building, chosen by lottery. Applicants would be divided into each category for monthly drawings with a fee of $75, resulting in six spaces for commercial vendors and six for vendors protected by the First Amendment.

Vendors will be restricted in their merchandise. The ordinance includes a “prohibited wares” list which courts have upheld. It includes “food, beverages, house wares, appliances, sunglasses, auto parts, oils, incense, perfume, lotions, and candles.” Also, clothing and accessories (including handbags and shoes), jewelry, toys, and stuffed animals would be banned if they contain no First Amendment Expressive content.

22.13 – Food and beverage ban
This proposed new code section would ban sales of foods and beverages along public ways throughout the city.