PZA to consider Comp Plan elements

Michael Wanchick reported to Historic City News that beginning August 20, 2009, the Planning and Zoning Agency (PZA) will begin a monthly review of each Comprehensive Plan Element and goals, objectives, and policies.

The PZA is the state-designated Land Planning Agency and has the responsibility to make recommendations on these important planning policies.

The PZA will begin with Recreation and Open Space, followed by a different Comprehensive Plan Element each month.

It is anticipated some Elements will take an additional month.

The Comprehensive Plan EAR-based amendments guide the growth pattern, housing, jobs, transportation, recreation, and conservation of open spaces within St. Johns County until 2025.

Public input is important, so plan to attend the August 20 PZA meeting and express your comments on recreation and open space throughout the County.

Visit the PZA Calendar on the County website to learn about upcoming meetings and agenda items.

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