Red Train crash sends two to hospital

Heavy rains contributed to a collision between a sightseeing train and a passenger car on San Marco Avenue this afternoon according to reports received by Historic City News today.

Two visitors were taken to Flagler Hospital with minor injuries and a third passenger was treated at the scene.

According to the St. Augustine Police Department, one of the Red Trains operated by Ripley’s Entertainment was traveling on San Marco Avenue near Center Street when the train’s driver saw a car stopped ahead of it waiting to turn.

When the train driver was unable to stop the vehicle, he swerved left to avoid the car in front of him.

The train missed that car but struck another vehicle coming from the opposite direction; causing about $8,000 in damage. Neither occupant was injured according to officials.

Several passengers on the sightseeing train were thrown from their seats as the tram jackknifed.

A 10-year-old girl and an 80-year-old man were taken to Flagler Hospital. The girl suffered an arm injury and the man was complaining of back pain. Both had minor injuries, according to the St. Augustine Police. A 9-year-old girl hurt her ankle and was treated at the scene.

There were 43 people onboard the train’s two carriages, plus the driver, 57-year-old Roy Brown.

The custom-built Red Train carriage suffered damages estimated at $30,000.

Police say Brown will be cited for careless driving.

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